We represent, among other things, NOMOY Pet Products, offering quality reptile and pet supplies – directly from Asia to European distributors.

Minimum quantity is such that dealers can buy directly from us to their shop, with fast and cost-effective air transport.


Jiaxing NOMOY Pet Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. It is a pet supplies business with design, production and sales in one, the company factory is located in Xinfeng Town, Jiaxing. Sales office is located in the scenic Nanhu District, Jiaxing. Company employees are more than 150 people, including R&D of more than 50 people, more than 20 sales representatives, more than 30 customer service staffs;

Its NOMOY Pet brand has three main branches of the product sales category: NOMOY Pet climb pet peripheral equipment, Leji series and Kenalei feed series.

There are the following categories of climbing pet supplies: climbing rearing box, H series feeding box series, lamp shelf category, mat material category, turtle food turtle medicine, turtle model, resin, plastic and accessories category.

Leji feed has the following products: water turtle grain, tortoise grain and fish feed.

Kenalei feed has the following products: water turtle grain, tortoise grain and fish feed.

Our products are complete, the price is reasonable, is the largest reptile equipment wholesale manufacturers, dealers all over the country, and with them to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation; the other exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and other European and American countries, Japan, India and other Asian countries.

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